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MAISON DU BON Terms and Conditions of Sale

Last updated: 1 December 2016




By using MAISON DU BON services, the customer or visitor agrees to be subject to these conditions of sale.


The Terms and Conditions of Sale apply without exception to all visitors to the website, as well as to all transactions made through the e-commerce website. The customer is fully aware of, and has understood and agreed to, the following Terms and Conditions of Sale.


MAISON DU BON, located at 94 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 PARIS, is an online retail company that sells gift-wrapped food products to locations worldwide through its website,


Should one or more conditions or stipulations in the MAISON DU BON Terms and Conditions of Sale be considered invalid, or declared as such under a law or regulation, or as a result of a decision by a court with relevant jurisdiction, all other conditions or stipulations shall remain valid and retain their scope.


MAISON DU BON reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time and without prior notice.





The MAISON DU BON e-commerce website is published by MAISON DU BON SAS, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of €100,000, with registered office at 94 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris, France.

The company is listed on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under the number RCS 8230101030.

The company intra-community VAT number is FR81823010103.


Customers may contact MAISON BU BON by writing to the following postal address: 94 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 PARIS, or by email to Customer Services at the following address:




To place an order, customers must be of adult age and have the capacity to enter into a contract.


In accordance with Article L.3342-1 of the Public Health Code and Law No. 2009-879 of 21 July 2009, the sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited. Any person who places an order on the website acknowledges that they have the legal capacity and are of the required age on the date of the order.




MAISON DU BON may make alterations at any time to its product selection, as well as to related services on the website. The company may decide to halt sale of a product without prior notice.


MAISON DU BON makes every effort to ensure that all information and images are as accurate as possible, for its products and its related services. It is possible that products do not fully match visitor impressions, due to the digital display format on the website.

Photographic images, information, graphics or any other component of the website are indicative and non-binding upon MAISON DU BON.




As of 1 December 2016, the MAISON DU BON website is available in French, English, Japanese and Korean.

All products are despatched from France and delivered to locations worldwide.




The MAISON DU BON website is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. However, it is possible that an interruption may occur, within or beyond the control of MAISON DU BON. MAISON DU BON shall under no circumstances be liable for damages arising from such interruptions, regardless of nature.




Prices for goods sold are those in effect at the time of order.

Prices are available in the local currency of all countries or in US Dollars.

Prices may be amended at any time without prior notice by MAISON DU BON.





To place an order on the e-commerce website, please select the desired item by adding it to your basket. Once all products have been added to the basket, you can confirm your order.


Once the order is confirmed, MAISON DU BON considers that the customer is aware of, and has agreed to, the Terms and Conditions of Sale of the website and the company.


Once an order is placed, the customer will receive a confirmation email. If the customer does not receive a confirmation email, it may appear in the spam/junk mail folder. If this email still cannot be located, please contact customer services by email at the following address:

The order is accepted by the company when it acknowledges receipt.


MAISON DU BON is not responsible in the event of an error in inputting the customer email address. Where this occurs, the customer will not receive a confirmation message and the order will not be completed.


MAISON DU BON reserves the right to cancel or suspend an order in the event of non-payment or problem with payment (in part or in full), or attempted fraud on the website.





Products ordered via the MAISON DU BON e-commerce website shall be delivered to the address provided by the customer when registering on the site, or at the time of order.


MAISON DU BON indicates timeframes for delivery. These are indicative and representative of average order processing times plus delivery times reported by carriers. At certain times of the year, delivery times may be longer.


Once the order is prepared for despatch, MAISON DU BON engages the services of external carriers. MAISON DU BON is therefore not responsible for delays in delivery.




MAISON DU BON cannot be held liable in the event of non-perfermance of contract, in part or in full, arising from an incidence of force majeure beyond the control of MAISON DU BON, in particular in the event of strike, fire, natural disaster, customs inspection, etc.




Orders are placed in the currency of the country of the purchaser or in US Dollars.


Payment must be made in full on a cash basis on the day that the customer places the order. Payment is handled by secure connection, with a choice of several payment methods.

Users must guarantee MAISON DU BON that they are authorised to make payment using their selected payment method when placing an order on the site. They must also ensure that they have sufficient funds to pay for their purchases, to cover all costs resulting from their order. MAISON DU BON is not responsible for any fraudulent use of payment methods belonging to customers.


In the event of non-payment of the full amount due, MAISON DU BON reserves the right to suspend or cancel the order and delivery of products.


All payments made by customers on the site are processed using secure data encryption, in order to prevent information from being intercepted by third parties.




For health and safety reasons, the return of food products is not permitted by law. MAISON DU BON shall not accept any returned parcels or products.


We will however do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction (e.g. in the event of damaged goods) by sending replacement products.





All content on the webpages (e.g. layout, patterns, designs, images, text, logos) is the exclusive property of MAISON DU BON and its partners. Any representation in part or in full of this site is subject to prior express written consent by MAISON DU BON.


All site content is protected by intellectual property rights and MAISON DU BON makes the customer aware that a breach of intellectual property rights is an infringement of copyright and subject to criminal prosecution. 




MAISON DU BON ensures a high level of security with respect to the personal information of its customers. Please ensure that usernames and passwords are not communicated to third parties.

MAISON DU BON accepts no responsibility with respect to disclosure of information in this event.


When placing an order, the use of a username and password constitutes proof of identity. MAISON DU BON cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of this information.





In case of queries, please write to MAISON DU BON, 94 Rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris, or send an email to the following address:





MAISON DU BON sells products but does not design or manufacture them and therefore cannot be held liable for harm that may result from use or consumption of products available on the e-commerce website (whether physical harm, damage to property or economic loss).


MAISON DU BON may not be held liable where obligations have not been met but are attributable to a third party, customer or the occurrence of an event beyond the full control of MAISON DU BON.


MAISON DU BON accepts no responsibility with respect to damage (direct or indirect, foreseen or unforeseen) caused during use of the company website. In the event that MAISON DU BON is held liable for harm suffered by the visitor, liability will be limited to the value of the order.


Claims must be submitted by the user and victim of harm within one month of the occurrence of the incident.






These Terms and Conditions of Sale have been drafted and are subject to French law and applicable French regulations. In the event that they are translated into another language, only the French language text shall be authentic in the event of a legal dispute.


Any legal dispute with respect to the interpretation and/or execution of these Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be referred to the court with jurisdiction for the city of Paris, France.





MAISON DU BON guarantees its customers that all producers manufacture and package their products under strict French quality controls. All products sold by MAISON DU BON comply with the regulations in force in France.


All products carry a best before date or use-by date. MAISON DU BON cannot be held responsible for problems that may occur following consumption of a product that has exceeded its expiry date, or where the customer has not followed the optimal storage conditions. 


All product ingredients are indicated; anyone with allergies must exercise appropriate caution prior to consumption.





MAISON DU BON reserves the right to delete a customer account in the event that it does not meet the obligations stipulated within these Terms and Conditions of Sale, in the event of problems with payment or an act contrary to the interests of MAISON DU BON, or supplying false information when setting up an account or placing an order.

MAISON DU BON may suspend access to, or delete, the account, depending on the severity of the offence.


Even if the customer creates a new account, MAISON DU BON reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there has been / would have been a legal dispute.