L'Histoire d'un Amour


Maison du Bon is born of a love story.


A love of French products, a love of good things and a love of a job well done.


Each day, we taste oodles of outstanding products with curiosity and with our mouths watering. We’ve selected only the very best, in order for you to enjoy the excellence of French products.


We take the time to meet with each of our artisans and producers: they tell us their stories and those stories are always enthralling.


These stories and these products are what we would now like to share with you.


Our promise: to awaken your taste buds and set them tingling in amazement by bringing the best of France to your home.


- Alexia & Patrick

Maison du Bon was created by two lovers of fine flavours.

Alexia inherited a love of sharing and a desire to spread French savoir-faire around the world from her grandmother who was the wife of a French Ambassador.

Patrick has always had a passion for flavour in all its guises. He travels throughout France and all over the world in search of the most outstanding products with the sole objective to share them with the people he loves.


Food Lovers only

Our team is a seasoned mix of good spirit and good food. We're in the business of making people happy: it's easy to please your customers when you work with a talented and happy crowd.